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The Practical Driving Test has in recent years been improved to take into account the extra traffic on the roads, with the subsequent rising number of accidents and deaths leading the Government to introduce further initiatives to make the roads safer.

The Test usually lasts around 38-40 minutes though it may take more time as they follow a set route, so depending on traffic conditions it may take longer.

Each route is designed to specifically replicate a typical journey with the Test Centre of your choice the start and finish point of your drive.

As of December 2017 a new part to the Driving Test includes around 20 minutes of independent driving, where the examiner will give you a set list of directions, signs to follow a certain place and/or a simple route to follow on a Satellite Navigation system.  This is designed to demonstrate that you can drive to the standard required but also concentrate on where you intend to go, which of course will be a crucial element to the way you drive on the roads post-test.  Comprehensive tuition in understanding the navigation system will be given prior to the Test.

Further information about the Practical Driving test can be found on the DVSA website here.

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